New Brand, New Innovations on Traditional Recruitment

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A new brand, a ‘brand’ new division...and three new websites. Seems like an awful lot of announcements for one title and perhaps we should have milked each part over a series posts, but we are way too excited about what is happening!

Keynote Group of Companies

Realizing Our Vision

Let’s put this in context for you to explain why we are so excited here at Keynote. This time last year, late January 2016, Keynote Group was 5 months old and we were well and truly stuck between a good idea, proof of concept and commercial viability. Everyone we spoke to was impressed with our model but our volume was still relatively light. The searches we were doing were going great but could we scale and get the referrals we needed to grow? More and more people were making commitments to us, but that didn’t mean they were always ready to hire. I have said it many times, for every 5 hires a company makes, only 1 should need to utilize external support. For Keynote, we exist to tackle that business-critical hire, confidential search or to find a specialist skillset. We believed we would have enough work to survive, but since we rely on referrals rather than cold calling endlessly (yes - that is a dig at my industry!), any mistake could have caused it to crumble down around us.

Fortunately, through effort, good process, timing and many sleepless nights; a year later we deliver services across multiple cities in Canada, have a proprietary search AI (called KAI!) and are on the cusp of launching a 2nd brand! The faith people have shown in us has taken a good idea and created a wonderful reality. People who use us tend to stick with us and we are immensely proud to have been awarded ‘Best New Business’ in Ottawa by the Chamber and OBJ.

Keynote Group Employee Lifecycle Specialist

Employee Lifecycle Specialist

The dream with Keynote Group was always to have several divisions under the KG umbrella, all serving different segments of the talent market. Today, we can start that transition and it is my pleasure to introduce Keynote Search. Everything you know and love about Keynote Group is now found under Keynote Search at In partnerships with the guys at Creative Logic, we have simplified and focused the website message, and refreshed the image as well. Hope you like it as much we do!

Keynote Group will now be the overbearing parent, with two wonderful offspring to nurture and develop as we continue to grow! As you know Keynote was created to provide a better way to handle permanent hiring and manage the entire employee lifecycle.

Keynote Executive Search Logo

Key Employee and Executive Search

Keynote Search will continue that mission and help take us forward. There is however a whole other sector of the recruitment industry that could use the KG treatment…and that’s why we created Ion - a business built to provide transparency and performance accountability in the contract hire sector.

ION Fixed Rate IT Contracting Logo

Transparent, Fixed Price IT Contract Services

ION bills every contract at a fixed margin mark-up with full disclosure of the candidate rate. We focus on finding high performers at market rate to satisfy short term needs or longer term projects. From our own margin, we holdback a portion, which is attributed towards a completion bonus. With our contracts on average lasting 6 months or more, that leads to a significant potential payment for our resource and added motivation to see out the term and meet our client expectations. Check out our new site and let us know what you think!

P.S. The guys at Creative Logic have blown me away with their creativity, knowledge and expertise. Not to mention they are damn good people as well. If you need marketing, website, sales automation or just a couple of awesome entrepreneurs to chat with over a beer, I’d love to make the intro!