Six Reasons We Won Best New Business Ottawa

Last week was just terrific, a true reflection point on what has been an insane 14 months. Keynote Group won ‘Best new business’ in Ottawa at the Best Ottawa Business Awards (BOBs) by the Chamber of Commerce and OBJ. After launching in September 2…

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When an executive placement goes wrong?

Those who know me well are well aware I have a soap box ready to whip out at the slightest chance to vent about the things that I am trying to change within the recruitment industry. I am like a man possessed at times, but it all comes from my des…

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From Recruiter to Recruited

Think back to a few months ago when you read through James Bakers’ post about the tough decisions of making that first hire for the Keynote team. Let me introduce myself, I’m that first hire – Meghan and its time for an update!

Time certain…

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Managing Growth of Our Search Firm

As we complete one year of trading as Keynote Group, I consider us to be incredibly fortunate. Not only have we proved our unique business model works, but we are getting plaudits and recognition for disrupting our industry. With our success howev…

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The End of Recruitement Cold Calls

When I started in the recruitment industry we had our “core hours’ 10-12 and 2-4. During this time, you were expected to pick up the phone and make call after call after call. Leaving creative messages where possible to entice people to call you b…

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Why am I so passionate about Keynote Group?

Ok everyone, I thought I’d try and keep up with the fantastic blogs that our CEO James Baker has been writing since we launched. I’m afraid mine might be less insightful, definitely less articulate but I promise you it comes from the heart.

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Love-hate relationship with working from home

Having spent the best part of 6 years governed by a daily routine of early alarm, grabbing a prepared suit & shirt bag and hitting the gym by 6am, before getting to the office for 7.30am to avoid traffic, this working from home lark has been j…

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The Challenge Of Employees

Over the last few weeks, like many people, taxes have been filed, business year-ends closed off and lots of money heading to our lovely friends over at CRA. With that closure, I took time to reflect on what I have learned in the last 6-7 months th…

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What you want to be when you grow-up

I have to admit, I am lucky. I’m still consider myself to be in the upward swing of my recruitment career, yet I have the good fortune of knowing exactly what I want to do with my life. The crazy thing is that it was only last week that I truly re…

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The Power of Milestones in Business and Life

Seven months ago we launched Keynote Group Executive Recruitment, a culmination of visions and dreams around what we believed the recruitment and talent industries should be about. We took our experiences, expertise and processes and devised a del…

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