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Seven months ago we launched Keynote Group Executive Recruitment, a culmination of visions and dreams around what we believed the recruitment and talent industries should be about. We took our experiences, expertise and processes and devised a delivery model that, in our opinion, properly meets the needs of small to mid size organizations. To do so we found some exceptional channel partners, people who can bring specific expertise to our process, ensuring we can deliver on our post placement commitments.

Now what does this have to do with milestones you ask? First off, I love mentioning that we are different and actually focus on the success of your employee rather than the agency norm of making placements, sending invoices and hoping for the best (yes that was a shameless pitch)! So getting back to my point, professional service providers, a category in which some recruiters are fortunate to be included, too often forget that the investment is significant and not a decision taken lightly.  

Success Begins with Milestones

That is why it is my belief that every engagement we make must have milestones for success, and our customers pay us as we achieve those milestones together. We may not cost less, or more, than our nearest competitor, we are however focused on maximizing value and success, something we back up with a year long guarantee on our work. The use of milestones creates a road map, which can be accelerated as needed, but provides a framework for the relationship.

Used in business, milestones make sense but they are just as relevant in your own life. It is fair to say most of us know where we want to end up, at least an image of the future we want for ourselves, our family, our finances, our company and/or our career. Some have got to the stage of putting a plan in place, others as far as creating short, medium and long term goals. I go one step further, with milestones on each phase of the journey that gives cause and reason for celebration, reflection and re-planning.   Perhaps that is the part most people forget, the celebration of reaching the next milestone and taking some time to enjoy the journey.

Keynote is my ultimate journey, one that I share with family, colleagues, clients and friends, bringing impactful change to our business community. With that said, it is the longest journey I’ll ever take and we will enjoy every milestone because I’m positive that we’ll have to overcome plenty of roadblocks on the way! What is your next milestone and what will you do when you reach it?