That First Hire

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You would think that after 12 years in the recruitment industry that I would have seen most recruitment situations good and bad, easy and tough.  So did I!  I have hired for hundreds of companies and also grown and developed my own teams.  This time, there is one massive difference – it is more personal. We started Keynote 6 months ago, the culmination of our dreams and vision for what our industry should be about. The founding partners all assumed the risk, took the leap of faith and walked away from great employers to make our distinct vision a reality.

That is the difference, it is now our vision, our dream, our reality.  Before Keynote I was employed to help build someone else’s dream – now I’m building my own.  Sure, I identified with their vision, was driven to help achieve it and rightly can feel proud of what we were able to achieve.   However, the reality was that I was being paid to fulfil their ambitions as a business, not my own.

So here I am, with true clarity and focus, wanting to ensure that whoever is that first hire, employee number one, truly gets what we are about.  I don’t want them to feel like an employee, it needs to be personal – part of their fabric, part of who they are and what they stand for.  Essentially I am asking too much of someone to want this as much as we all do.  Or am I?

Historically my hires have bought into the company, me as a leader and the role they are performing.  In exchange they get a good compensation and a positive work environment.  However, this time, I want to take the sharing of success further – equity, profit share, equal part in the celebration when we deliver on our promises.

Simply put, I have never been so fulfilled in my career as I am right now, Keynote is the reason for that.  I want to share that experience with others and build on the incredible faith our clients have shown in us.  So this may be the hardest hire I have ever made, but as someone who thrives on seeing people succeed, it is also the most exciting hire I have ever made.

Thanks for reading and if you know any recruiters who loathe the commoditized, transactional nature of most firms, let them know about us.  We may be able to offer them the platform to fulfil some of their ambitions.